I guess sometime in the last day or few, DNS changed and blogger hasn’t caught on. I wasn’t able to upload the last post and it was really frustrating. I finally used my leet tech skills and pimped a workaround in to the solution.

Antigone’s mom (we really should come up with a good nickname for her, if she hasn’t one already – she’s showing up on the blogs a lot more often) stated something very true the other day (as she does so fairly often), and I wanted to stress the importance of what she said:

Theorb77 is a really good writer. I imagine, in some sense, that his browsing ex-coworkers keep visiting his site for 2 key reasons: 1) he has keen writing, regardless of the occasional outburst of emotion and oppinion, and 2) he writes OFTEN, which is hard to do when you’re such a perfectionist. Still, writing is like a caged bird – if you let it go, it’ll probably poop on something you care about down the road. Well, anyway, I wanted to tell you, he really is a talented writer. His writing is like his handwriting, it’s very determined and focussed. I mimicked his blocky capitals as a youngster and I think in someways my writing mimicks his writing – I’m a little more funky and off-the-wall 🙂

I think theorb77 is much more skilled at crafting tales than I am, but I’m working on that. Lucas has me working over time making stories up for him at night.

Sigh. One more thing I miss about having an evening with my family.

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