Abraham Lincoln’s re-election campaign slogan for 1864 was, “Don’t change a horse mid-stream” and it seems that most people I know who are planning on voting for Bush seem have that basic idea in mind. Lincoln was re-elected, but the South was, of course, not participating in that election as an unfortunate side-effect of leaving the United States.

Well, I guess you wouldn’t want to change horses midstream, if you happened to be averse to getting wet.

Folks, I’m telling you, if that horse had led you up the wrong river, lied to you, and was feeding you more horse-poop about a gold-mine over the next ridge, if only you’d let him take you further in to the unknown, you might want to consider jumping off the goddamn horse and dealling with the wet sensation for a while. There isn’t any gold-mind, there’s no happy land he’s taking us to, it’s all just BS, and I hope you can see it before Tuesday.

In two days, we’ll know whether we should make vacation plans in the next 4 years, or evacuation plans. The tension is so thick you could cut a knife.

This is, without a doubt, the most important election of the last 20 years. Please, for the love

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