Game Completed: Skyrim

There’s not a lot of games you can get a Platinum Trophy for in one play-through, and there’s even fewer games that would take me 3 months to play through. Skyrim is one of those games.

The problem is, about a month ago, I started getting really sick of playing Skyrim. My character was powerful, but occasionally I’d come across a challenging enemy, or an enemy that seemed to get a ‘lucky hit’ in on me. I read reviews early on that said I’d eventually find the combat tedious – I balked at these reviews since I was having a blast.

Was. Having a blast.

Eventually the game devolved to that game outside of a game (and yet inside …) – TROPHY HUNTING. Trophies are not real. Trophies are not real. But having a little badge that says I did something, especially once I’ve conceived of a plan for obtaining it, is just me being obsessive-compulsive. On the one hand, 50 trophies per game is a lot (I’ve done it for a few other titles, like Resident Evil 5, and Assassin’s Creed II) – but for Skyrim, 50 trophies doesn’t approach what you can do in this game. I still don’t have all those Stones of Berenzia (sp) or all the Dragon Masks.

But what I do have is a Platinum Trophy. And no desire to jump back in to this game.

There’s some really good parts to this game, but then there’s some really ‘meh’ parts to it as well. A lot of ‘meh’.

I do admire that they put so much in to the game though – but it’s also probably the most buggy game I’ve played on my PS3. It crashed only half a dozen times (which is better than the XBOX version, I hear) and at one point near the end of the game I had to load from an earlier save because the critical person in my quest storyline was dead. Can’t talk to a dead person to advance the story, can you?

Overall, the game did something unique: it suffered from too much content, too many extra storylines – the world is too goddamned big. I used to explore EVERYTHING. That went on for the first month and a half I was playing the game. Big mistake.

Glad I played it? Sure. Would I play it again? Surprisingly, maybe, if only to find more stuff and try out different skills. I won’t be trying it again for a long while …

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2 Responses to Game Completed: Skyrim

  1. Jason says:

    Too much content, huh? Interesting, but I guess it really isn’t that hard to imagine.

  2. Ed says:

    Hay hay! Wudan I doubt you would remember me but I’m a fellow modded from back in the day!
    Came across this blog and your the guy who made Dragon?!? Awesome

    Well hi I guess lol.

    Sorry about the accident. Not fun and super scary.

    Say this is gonna sound crazy but I’ve been trying to get dragon to work for jk2.
    But no dice. Had a BIG mod in mind. If u can help I would be in your dept.


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