So today I hear that Jabba is misbehaving in school. He doesn’t point at the words he reads, and doesn’t pay attention when the teacher is talking. His teacher actually used the words ‘stares off in to space’, which almost got me ticked, but I bit my tongue. I know what she meant, Jabba gets this look in his eyes when he’s ‘somewhere else’ in his mind. Not to get too sappy, but he’s in his imagination, and you can see the gears in his head thinking up some story or some clever relation between things he’s learning. He’s just bright, and not at all innattentive 🙁

I’m wondering if there’s a correlation between the imposed conformity in early childhood and the angst of teenage years? Ok, I don’t really wonder. Frankly, I think Kindergarden is just to warm you up to the idea of 7 hours in a class-room with somebody telling you what to do, which just warms you up for being in a cubicle for 8-16 hours a day with somebody else telling you what to do.

I guess it just shows some molds are made to be broken, so how do I convey this to my son without him getting even worse in school? I was joking with him and said that since he didn’t like to learn at school I’d have to stop teaching him stuff so he’d be forced to learn at school, and he started to choke up and get upset.

It’s times like that I am extremely glad that I have this kid, who is just too damn smart. There’s not a thing he can’t learn. It’s an awesome responsibility to be his father.

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