So Jabba and I got rear-ended today. Jabba was really concerned about what had happened.

I was at a stop light preparing to turn right, inching forward in to traffic on 41st south. I had noted the car behind me a minute before hand, as is my custom to do so when driving. Well, as I was getting ready to go in to traffic I heard a horn honk, and maybe 15 seconds later I heard and felt my car get the slightest bump from behind.

I pulled on to the shoulder on the street I was going on to anyway, and opened my glovebox to get my insurance info and noticed a lot of commotion in the car behind me. I realized what was happening and chuckled a little bit at the stupidity and got out of my car to go talk to the other driver, who was a young teenage girl with a car full of young teenagers. I asked if she had noticed any damage from the accident, she had an old Toyota, and I couldn’t really tell if it had been damaged. She said no, it’s just a plastic bumper anyway. I looked long and hard at my bumper.

The kicker is, she seemed certain she had messed it up, which wasn’t so. I’ve been rear-ended about 4 times by now, I guess, I was only driving like 3 of those times, and it has always been the case that I’m at a stop and some moron female rolls in to me at an idle speed. Anyway, so I said, my bumper’s already messed up, and it doesn’t look any more messed up and she seemed to really ease up. I asked if everybody was ok and we agreed that it was ‘all good’ as we say in my hood. She also noted that I went to the same high school, to which I responded, ‘like a million years ago.’

Yeah, so that’s my rear-ending story. Everybody screws up to some degree, at that age, and it isn’t really something you should beat yourself up about.

Sukie, and my co-workers think that I should have been super-pissed and whatnot, but I pretty much wasn’t. Sukie didn’t even beleive me when I called her and told her what happened.

Jabba wanted to inspect the rear end of my car immediately, which I indulged his curiousity and let him check it out. He remarked, ‘it’s dusty’, to which I promptly ushered his smart-ass in to grandma’s haus.

Oh, and me and video games got back together, for an hour. Video games must have realized that it was holding on by a thread and gave me two very clean victories on against armies of the Undead. Each opponent seemed capable, I moved with lightning speed to build up a patrol to level up my Heroes, and whipped out my standard battalions of Preists and Dwarven Mortar Squads (MORTAR COMBAT!)

My second opponent must have realized what a danger my 4 mortar squads were because he just about killed all of them. The cost for ignoring my platoons of Knights, Foot Soldiers and Dwarven Riflemen was his entire squad. A human paladin easily trumps a Death Knight – the death knight gets hurt by the paladin’s heal ability 😛

Anyway, yeah, now if I could only beat up Night Elves – I swear I hate the bloody night elves …

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