Ok kids, new layout 🙂 In 2 days it’ll have been one year of blogging for me, and I think that’s pretty cool 🙂

So Jabba and I went on a quest for M&M Minis, you’re supposed to be able to put a page from his Nickelodeon Magazine in it and make a red or a blue lightsaber 🙂 We went to Toys R Us, 7-11 (Jabba has a 7-11 joke for y’all – it’s not super funny, but it’s cute that he thought of it), and Albertson’s.

Nobody has them, but Jabba realized that M&M minis are in the regular check-out lanes, we did self-check-out, so we didn’t get any but we’ll go back sometime 🙂

I’m having a bitch of a time writing a physics simulation, I’ve tried so many times and failled. I know my math pretty well, but it’s tough … super tough.

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