I’ve always hated updates for the sake of updates.

Yesterday I did something stupid. I accidentally guilt-tripped my brother and his wife in to hanging out with me and my wife. Circumstances aside, I really was trying to tell them that they didn’t have to come over, and that they had better attend to more important matters, namely, the long drive to Logan at 11pm (or whenever they finally left.)

I feel bad mostly because they really are cool people, which is the main reason that I like to hang out with them.

In other news, both of my parents are 1 year older, their birthdays are just 2 days apart. My brother, his wife, my other brother, and I all went to see HellBoy last weekend. I felt as though it were a hollow movie – clearly not complete in any sense of the word.

I guess in a way, it was like Star Wars – so much movement in the movie, but so little that moved me – even in the original trilogy, there is just a ton of backstory that doesn’t get told. Somehow, in Star Wars, this adds depth for me, but in HellBoy, this made the movie feel dumbed down – like the film-maker didn’t really get the comic, and so, cut out the details that he didn’t understand. It seems to me that the gargantuan tentacled beasts were, in fact, based on the famed ancient diety, Cthulu, who is actually part of a pantheon of demi-gods. Supposedly Cthulu sleeps in a sunken city in the Pacific, and not in a magic-crystal light-years away.

And why not go straight to Cthulu for your plot? There’s enough depth and backstory that fans with a passing knowledge of the darker arts would understand, I’d say. There’s certainly no copyright to be held on the mythos, so … feh.

The good part about HellBoy was HellBoy. Everything else was slightly lackluster, and I kept wanting to see Will Wheaton as that John Myers. Well, that, and, I think HellBoy asked him how the hell he got in to that department, and I kept expecting Myers to say something like, “You’re not the only one that’s special!” and follow up that statement with something like, oh say … stopping time or something cool.

Selma Blair was interesting, but not interesting enough – why the hell did Rasputin visit her, are they somehow related? What’s the deal there …?

Too many unexplained and inconvenient plot devices, grrrr.

Let’s not forget that Sukie told me not to go, and I went anyway.

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