So what’s Wudan been up to? Well, I have been cooking up a lot of projects, and I’ve been working hard.

My goals at this point consist of just a few things: finish up some projects, get some certifications. My college sent me a nice letter and an evaluation to show me how close I am to getting my Bachelors in Business.

To tell the truth, I intend on wrapping up my Associates and walking away from Business curriculum. It’s boring, and, at this point, all that’s left for my Bachelors is 60 credit hours of ELECTIVES.

Tell me, if all that’s standing between an Associates and a Bachelors, at my fine institution, is 60 hours of ELECTIVES … oh, toss it, I’m sure you see the stupidity.

I found GLFW the other day and saw that it was, essentially, the exact sort of thing I was trying to write, only it’s already done and free to use. So, what the heck, I grabbed it up and got to work. I’m telling you, it’s beautiful when you take something out of the box and it works, first time out.

Well, maybe not first time out, but it was painless.

Oh, and I went and downloaded some Pulp Techno off the iTunes, too. I did that because … well, I don’t know.

I define Pulp Techno as Electronic music that has obtained some mainstream popularity or commercial success. So, the stuff I got you could hear on car commercials and those intel commecials.

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