Ok kids, I’m coming out of blog-tirement, to bring you a special message.

In a recent blog entry, theorb77 expressed his secret hope that maybe if he expelled some of his orb juices he’d be able to make time stand still, and we’d be able to stay in the happy moments.

Well, this brings me back to why I’ve been absent in the first place. For one, I said something on Meryl’s little journal and from what I’ve heard, it didn’t go over well.

I said, “Marriage, and change, are like chinese finger traps – the more you struggle with it, the harder it becomes.

We are creatures of before and after – you need to pause, and look at now. Now you are married, now you have a mess, now you can do something about it.”

Now, from what I can understand, this was taken as ‘your marriage is your problem, deal with it.’ That’s great. I churn out poetry and it gets taken for shit.

So, what was the point? There’s nothing that says, “I’m a loser and I’m going to stay that way,” like constantly complaining about your situation, isn’t there? Did complaining ever help anybody?

The point is, you can’t really change the fact that you are where you are – but you are where you are, and right here, right now is the only place and time you can do anything about it.

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  1. Antigone says:

    Complaining always helps me feel better. Sometimes I just need to complain for the hell of it. But once I’m over it, usually a day or two later, I do something about it. Or I at least start making plans for what I’m going to do about it. But complaining is still an important part of the process. So, let us complain.

    Do you still hate me?

  2. Wudan says:

    I never hated you!

    I complain A LOT, so I really don’t have any place to cast judgement.

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