A Friday in 3 Acts

So this morning I woke up to Jabba, my son, at the foot of my bed.

“Dad, I have a bloody nose,” he said, with a small red glob of toilet paper held up to his nose.

“Ok, I’m up, let’s get it fixed.” My feet hit the floor and I ushered the little man towards the bathroom.

As I held his head back I looked at the clock in my bathroom that sits on the toilet – 10:00am. Crap, I slept in a bit too much. The day before I’d got a flat tire that still sat in my driveway. I’d called theorb77 to see if I could borrow a tire-iron again, but no dice, he was going to see Episode III. So me and Daxero were going to fix it this morning.

I called Daxero and got the boy ready for school and did his homework, too. We were just a little late for school, like 5 minutes, but Jabba is a little too obedient so he wants an excuse note from the front office. I get him in to class and walk home again.

Ok, I call up Daxero again to make sure he’s coming (he sounded sleepy) and there wasn’t any answer. Ok. Daxero and my father showed up. My plan was to pick up my paycheck with Daxero, and then buy a tire-iron with my paycheck. Well, I wasn’t keen on dragging both Daxero and my father all over to run my stupid little errands, so it ended up that my father bought my a tire-iron, which I was going to pay him back for (but now it’s just an early birthday present – yay!)

Ok kids, now pay real close attention to this next part, because it’s important: Daxero pulls the tire off and we look at the rip in the tire and say, “Gee, that’s a manufacturer defect,” because there was apparently a large circular cut around the inside wall of the tire. Of course it is, that’s great. Just great.

Sukie and I go to the Tire Place, to get a tire. As it turns out, we bought the tires used, and have absolutely no warranty at all on them. Just great.

Fine, how much for a tire? $110 you say? Brain freeze, I say! You’ll check at a different store then? Ok then! Just great.

So we ended up going to yet another Tire Place to get a used tire (for like $30, mind you.) We get it home, me and Dax get the tire put on, and Dax and my father head home. The tire looks good, the car looks good, all looks good.

I get ready for work, and get in the car In the car, I take off the emergency brake and put the car in Drive. I sense a disturbance in the force. Or something. Oh yeah, the car seemed like it was lowering. I roll down my windows and kill the radio. I move the car forward a little … I hear a scraping sound … I feel a scraping sound …

Something is wrong. Just great.

At this point I have used my perfectly good tire for about 5 feet. Then it pops, and the front left section of my car is once again lowered to the ground, kneeling to the God of Auto Maintenance.

Did I mention that last week I worked on my front brakes? I did it to save money. I bought used tires to save money. I have had 2 flat tires and had to get a tire-iron to save money. All this saving … has it been worth the hassle? Well, I suppose so.

Tomorrow morning I’ll take off the tires and have a lookie at what I broke, and I’ll fix it up proper like. I should have taken my time and made sure all was well, and maybe I should have let a professional do it.

Just great.

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2 Responses to A Friday in 3 Acts

  1. anniemouse lee says:

    I think you’ll get something else. Im sorry about the tire, its really weird.

  2. Antigone says:

    What are you holding his head back for? Take this from a person who gets bloody noses as least twice a month. Squeeze the nose at the base of the bridge and tilt the head downward slightly. It only takes a few minutes. It clots faster and you don’t have to swallow all that nasty blood.

    If that doesn’t work put a damp roll of tissue between the upper lip and teeth while holding the nose. It blocks one of the major veins that supplies blood to the nose. I only use that trick when my nose just won’t stop bleeding.

    My mom used to tilt my head back when I was young and I hated it. Who even came up with the idea? Spare the child, please.

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