Hugo’s House of Numbers!

Ok so I watched the “Hugo catches his flight” sequence rather closely and tried to pick out things of numerical significance, and pretty much anything that has anything to do with numbers:

Hurley’s room number is 2342.

8 People in the elevator that couldn’t Hurley couldn’t board (last shot with Charley clarifies that there are two children.)

Liscense plate on Hurley’s auto at the airport was TX 327. I guess it would have been too obvious to have the numbers there … but wait, there’s some kind of odd thing here .. T and X are letters 20 and 24 in the alphabet. Or, from the back, letters 3 and 7. Well, I’m sure there’s something there. TX is an abbreviation of Texas, which, as it turns out is not in Australia.

When hurley’s tire blows it shows that his gas tank is half full, he is going less than 10 killometers per hour, his RPMs are at 2000, his temperature gauge is exactly half-way between cool and hot, his travel odometer reads 42 KM, the temperature gauge reads a nice 23 degrees celcius and it says in the dash that he’s going 15 Kph … which differs from the actual spedometer, but whatever. Suddenly, the car dies – everything appears to die, his gas tank says it needs gas and all the other emergency lights are on. The gas tank one was unusual IMHO – some car’s gas gauges need the car to be on, but do they say you need gas as the car shuts off/dies? As it dies we look back down at the speed, it goes from 15 to 8 to 4 Kph. Gee whiz.

When Hugo gets to the airport we are shown the check-in screen on the computer, which, strangely enough, does not show his DOB – where it should be it says DD/MM/YYYY. Odd. His flight info (Oceanic 815) shows that his flight leaves from Sydney – SYD at 14:26, his carrier is OCA, his seat is 200. He arrives at Los Angeles-LAX at 10:42, in the International Terminal with Baggage. The screen cuts away and we are shown 4 pamphlets, the top three showing the ‘Oceanic’ logo which emphasizes the ‘O’ in some odd decor, and the 4th has a Bigger ‘O’ against a gradient blue background. 1000 in binary is actually 8 in decimal.

Hugo books it over to the international terminal to get on board the plane, but is sent to the back of the line. Hugo goes to check flights and that doesn’t work out well for him, So, Hugo tries to get
a guy’s scooter (the guy has a hat on it that says “Crazy 8’s CASINO” with two dice, the prominent sides shown are 5 (not so prominent sides appear to be 2 and 1, sum is 8) and 6 (not so prominent sides appear to be 3 and 2, sum is 11.) He gets the scooter and races to the gate. Oh yeah, he gave the guy 1600 bucks for the scooter. As he races you can count the dots around the ‘O’ in the Oceanic logo – 15. He races by a women’s sports team, wearring their jerseys, each of them wearring one of the numbers, and in order, too! Wow, that’s an easy one. You can see that the number of monitors displaying flight information is 8. He cruises by 4 Japanese tourists (we can assume so by the language they are speaking.) Next we see that he is headed to the section “Gates 14 thru 23” – great. When he rolls up, just before he smacks 8 chairs in the gate area, we can see he’s boarding at Gate 23. As he stumbles off the scooter there are 8 more monitors in the background. There are 8 brochures on the Oceanic desk next to Gate 23. He is able to board, and it’s his lucky day! When we cut to him marching through the jungle, he is chanting, just like his old buddy, “15 16 23 42 4” – why does he forget 8?

Oh well, that’s my numbers breakdown for “Hugo’s great numbers coincidence sequence.”

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7 Responses to Hugo’s House of Numbers!

  1. anniemouse lee says:

    And I just enjoyed the show:-(

  2. theorb77 says:

    Wow. That was just… wow.

  3. sukie says:

    You’re a freak, Wudan!!!

  4. portiatalks says:

    somebody has way too mcuh time on their hands

  5. Wudan says:

    What? It was a good show. Anyway, I am still shocked nobody has caught the blatant video game reference in the title.

  6. Wudan says:

    Oh and I looked in to the number 327 also.

    327 and it’s double and triple each contain a number from 1 through 9, none of them repeat:

    327 654 981 – there’s another thing that’s like that, that has to do with the number 4, but I forget what it was.

  7. portiatalks says:

    It was a good show, you just have too much time on your hands if you take the time to look for and point out all references to “the numbers” in one scene. I just enjoyed it. I did notice a couple of times that some numbers looked familiar, but didn’t think much about it.

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