What a Wonderful World

Man, it really is a wonderful world. So far this summer I’ve shed some pounds (but I’m getting them back), laid waste to an entire civilization of warts, and, this week, half-fixed up my teeth (the bad half.) Aw snap, it’s the summer of Brad.

Well, it would be if I had a bitchin’ schedule. But that may change, as all things must – ‘with strange Γ¦ons, even death may die.’ Sukie’s got an iPod, I’ve got one, and Dax is going all out with a 20Gig. Ok that’s not all out, but it’s 5x bigger than mine πŸ™‚

Road Trip! In a few weeks I’ll be making a return to Denver, Colorado. It’s hard to beleive we really only lived there for 4 years, 10 years ago. If I put much thought in to it, I probably had a horrible time in Denver, but time does put a shiny sugar-coat over the painful past – and there were so many other positive things, like Boy Scouts. theorb77, from what I understand, didn’t enjoy it so much. But then again, he’s not exactly the best camper in the world. I’m probably not, anymore, but who cares πŸ™‚

The trip is for Carebear’s wedding – omg I knew her when she was like 2 feet tall or something! Jeez! I should be able to visit my buddy Azymn while I’m out there, too. And I want to go to the Zoo. And the Museum. Damn – Denver’s got some cool academic places to go πŸ™‚

Oh and I polished up my pop-up comments, and changed the layout ever so slightly. I like my faux-gold 3D logo, but I don’t think Sukie does.

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  1. sukie80 says:

    much better than the last thing I saw.

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