Ok well, I think I’ve done a satisfactory job of remaining neutral and pleasant to deal with (at times) but I guess I always knew the day would come that I’d get called on it.

“Hey Switzerland, why are you so neutral?”

I guess it’s because I fucking hate conflict. I may seem zany and wild on the outer-crust, but deep within the workings of Wudan, a very simple mechanism demands that all problems have an answer. Conflict, by my simple terms, is when a solution is not easy-to-spot – a violent reaction is inevitable, and things get shook up – these things are conflict.

I fucking hate conflict. So I says to myself, it doesn’t look like conflict is going to get better. What to do? There’s a dark atmosphere of conflict? Why? For what reason? I don’t know, trying to figure that one out is also conflict.

So, let’s alleviate the symptoms – the dark cloud. Ok, let’s play Apples to Apples, it’s a light-hearted game that I’m certain would mend some serious fences. Did it happen? No, nobody even set a date.

So what happened? Today Great Britain messages me with some information, and asks some questions that Great Britain didn’t like the answers to. It’s been a rough time for Great Britain, and I guess Switzerland’s neutrality is ending at last.

Guys, I love my wife, and I have no idea why anybody wants to fight her. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I want you people to leave my wife alone. I don’t care if I never speak to you again, nobody hurts my wife.

You might say, “Wudan, your wife is out of control, why don’t you reel her in a bit?” I might have said that to myself sometimes, but the answer is, I don’t because that is what my father would do. I don’t because she’s not just a ‘wife’ she’s my partner, and I want to share life with her, not crush her. She’s a rare woman, everyone who meets her knows this. What she says and does is part of her beauty, and I don’t want to stifle that at all.

Really people, just leave us alone if you can’t handle my wife, her opinions, or her beliefs. I love her, and there were times when it was ONLY us. Friends didn’t come around, we had a young baby to care for, and it was ONLY us. I can see why she’s so hurt that I didn’t stand up for her. I hope she will forgive me.

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