Above the mess

Well, maybe our house fell out of order because of Katamari Damacy, but Sukie and I are determined to reign in the beast this weekend and put our house back in order.

Last night I got to use the drill I got for Christmas – I drilled guide holes for some screws to hang up our clock, the drilled the screws in – it was awesome, because usually it’s annoying to drive in screws to the wall by hand. Well, that was fun.

Mostly, I just haven’t been in a blogging mood lately. Everything’s been so out of order. I did manage to beat Sukie’s moon katamari of 862 meters 53 centimeters, with my own of over 864 meters. Not sure how many centimeters though.

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2 Responses to Above the mess

  1. berserk says:

    If you need to take a break from playing to clean up your house, try rolling everything on the floor into a giant ball.

  2. sukie says:

    If it were only that easy 😉

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