The Holy Dark

Life has a funny way of bringing you down to it’s level. I was thinking of all the weaknesses humans have, and how fragile the human animal is, in that it’s most advanced feature is also it’s weakest.

Today while musing about Internet Security, I came to the conclusion (as many before me have) that even in the most secure of networks, the weakest point is the humans who have access to it. Therefore, a network should be as scaleable and self-sufficient as possible, and users should understand the services they need to access from it.

That’s a pretty geeky musing, I’ll admit, but after so much has happened over the last week or two, it’s all I can muster to fire off in to a blog entry.

Oh, and Jabba and I went up Ensign Peak. This is one of those things I would always think of as a grand thing to do when I was younger and naive – to look down on the works of man with discontent. Instead, the most majestic thing in my vision was my son, and I was glad to be there with him. His bravado and passion for learning whatever it is he can learn are nothing short of awesome, in the literal meaning of the word. Now that he’s in school and I am no longer his only source for knowledge, it’s kind of more fun, in a way, to see what it is that he does know, and to see what else he can absorb in to that little head of his.

Sukie bets that he’ll be a good father, too. I bet he gets a bad temper, just like me, and I think you can only fix maybe a few things from generation to generation. At least my son will know me, will (maybe) understand more of the things about how I felt about life.

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  1. berserk says:

    What do you think a human’s most advanced & weakest feature is?

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