I recently left this comment at The Journeyman Project, which is a blog written by what appears to be 3 guys … bloggin’ bout stuff. Anyway, Sukie, being the avid Internet Guru that she is, stumbled across this site, read the post, commented, and it initiated a some Utah / MoMo bashing on their part. Sukie responded in kind that she is an atheist, which kind of slowed them down, but really just moved them in the direction of atheist bashing (fairly, only one guy jumped on atheists, the other guy has been fairly nice to her. Sigh.

Comment by Almost A Hasbin:

Sukie, atheism is just an excuse to live like you want. I think all atheist are full of shit, and deep down you know that a God exsists. My humble opinion.

Is [God] listening to just us and not you?

My response:

lol – If there is a God, can you prove that He cares if you beleive in him? If you can prove that He cares that you beleive in Him, can you also prove that your relationship with Him should be anything other than personal, ie, should you bother other people if they do not beleive in Him?

If we are, in fact, all created by the same entity, then we are equal, and there is nothing you could say or do to truly unbalance the worth of another human being.

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