Jurassic Ice Age

Yes, I know the Jurassic Period wasn’t an Ice Age.

I don’t blog a lot. The thrill was never really there, I just had stuff on the inside I felt like externalizing, and it’s just not cathartic anymore. Maybe it is, I don’t know.

Yesterday I felt a little vindicated because my son turns out to have quite a brain on him and can read at a very advanced level. I do think this is because early on in his developement I spent time with him encouraging his understanding and recognition of letters, which kind of snowballed out of control. Anyone who knew Jabba at this time will tell you, he just started absorbing words and dropping them in to his brain like coins in a bank.

He is just amazing.

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5 Responses to Jurassic Ice Age

  1. sukie80 says:

    He’s alright . . . .

  2. anniemouse lee says:

    Long before any of us spent time teaching him words or how to read he was sending out messages that he got that those funny symbols meant something. He would point out buildings and signs and say what they were. Last night he was playing the piano and the banging sounded sort of good. There might be some talent there waiting to come out.

  3. Striker says:

    All I gots to say is …. in your spare time, check out the new SSB Brawl trailer on YouTube.com … you’re gonna pay … šŸ™‚

  4. anniemouse lee says:

    Thank you for your help yesterday, I really appreciate it.

  5. anniemouse lee says:

    Update! its been almost a month!!!!

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