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I’ve been playing with focusing on the rays in my raytracer, instead of what the rays collide with. This did help me fix my reflection code, but I haven’t gone back to actually do any 3d renders, I’ve become addicted to messing with what can be done when I tell the raytracer to show me the actual rays. It’s cool, reminds me of pixel arty-ness (because it isn’t anti-aliased at all, any smoothness if purely mathematical.) I like the second one because it shows there’s a point at which a ray is reflected left or right when it bounces off a sphere. It makes this cool negative space curve in a big field of straight lines.

I haven’t been feeling like blogging lately. It was cool to play 5 player settlers on Saturday, I just wish I didn’t have to leave and get my hair cut; it was like I got short-changed on the hang-outs.

Of course, some of you went to see Dark Knight and couldn’t be arsed to wake up the next day and hang out, so screw you bastards and your awesome movie. I may vow not to see the damned thing.

… For a few days.

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