Apparently I have too much time on my hands

As soon as I saw the original picture, I had a vision of a more malevolent version of Guildy, which I proceeded to bring in to being, unfortunately, has caused some controversy (Sukie says I’m mean for making Guildy look evil, I hypothesize that it will soon be David’s desktop.) CareBear says that it’s funny, but apparently there are wonderings about what the hell it is I should be doing with my free time. So, first, a picture from my raytracer when I was implementing Specular highlights (currently only shows if there’s a light in the direction of reflection. I did implement perlin noise, though I’m not sure if it’s to spec, but it looks noisy enough.

Prismatic Specular
Evil Guildy

I basically painted the background black, created black blobs which I roughly shaped and then blurred the crap out of, it turned out pretty cool, methinks. Not meant to be photorealistic at all, but certainly doesn’t look too shabby.

For the render, the prismatic effect is completely incidental – as the sphere’s shadows block out parts of the rgb lights (there are nine, three rows of each color), the resulting colors form a rainbow. Neat!

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3 Responses to Apparently I have too much time on my hands

  1. Meryl says:

    Awesome work with the Raytracer, I want to see more!

  2. berserk says:

    It’s like you’re a jet fuel genius. You could solve the world’s problems without even trying! Is it any wonder you’re not the president?

  3. Chaelomen says:

    Is anyone else thinking, “My Precious, I has the Precious!”

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