six one ninteen eighty

You guys got me good.

I suspected a surprise party on Wednesday. However, several friends conspired to squash that idea from my head. Instead, we decided to go to the movies as a family.

There were so many things that stand out now, knowing how it all turned up. As we went to the movies, Sukie said she had invited some friends of ours, but that they couldn’t make it. This should have been a dead giveaway but I was so lost in my own world that I did not process it until after the fact. If she had in deed been dead set on not hanging out with anyone, why would she invite friends?

The night before we baby-sat for some other friends of ours – and then hung out, playing Ticket to Ride afterwards – I should have seen it coming.

Most telling, I should have listened to my gut, telling me something was up, early on.

So, after ‘Up’ when I got home and smelled smoke in the house (but not outside, necessarily) I was freaking out a little bit, thinking there was an electrical fire. I went and checked the fish tank immediately, but it was not there. Then I went around to the top of the stairs and Sukie said the dog had gotten out, which was puzzling since we have a solid door and walls holding the dog in. She’s old but resourceful, so I ran down. I was going to stop short in the door to the family room and had my hand up in a pointing gesture to say something about how it didn’t smell like the dog did something bad, but instead the lights went up and I saw more people than have ever been in my basement.

Oh, I am loved.

Well, that, and people love a good surprise. So I was dumbfounded, barely processing anything that was said, I know Guildy was talking to me and Shinobi was there and beyond that it is all just a big blur of people. Lucas walked by and said something, and I was just like … whoa. People filed out of the basement all saying something to me, probably mostly ‘Happy Birthdays’ but even today, days later, I am in total shock.

The party was awesome, with Bouncy Castles and presents and rad cakes and I don’t recall the last time I’ve had such a good day.

More on the Nintendo and yesterday’s activities later.

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3 Responses to six one ninteen eighty

  1. sukie says:

    I’m such a horrible liar!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    It was fantastic! Totally fantastic!!!

  3. xkordave says:

    I had a blast with everything

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