They say that ‘life is the journey, and not the destination.’

I think I’ve figured out what bugs me about this statement: If it’s not the destination, why do I have the duplicitous feeling that I am both somewhere and going somewhere?

I feel much less fearful, these days. I have tried to close my eyes to several unwanted outside sources and just ‘be’. I, for one, completely understand that ignorance is a luxury I gave up without carefully examining what it was worth – and so we come to one of life’s silly lessons: intelligence is neither a curse, nor a burden – it is an irony.

It is ironic because intelligence is not a quest, nor is it a ‘thing’ you can hold, yet so many seek after it, blindly – you can’t gain it any more than you could lose it.

I guess I better say that inteligence is the ability to apply what you know for the purposes of accomplishing a task.

I digress, life is a doppleganger-ish beast, and intelligence is an irony.

Last night, my destination was a SwitchFoot concert. I must admit that it was Sukie’s idea, although I can appreciate the music. When I met her, she was in to hiphop/r&b, and I was a devout follower of the alternative/punk scene. I even looked it, too.

Well, we’ve both changed, and now she’s in to this music, and I’m in to that (though not really as much anymore …) I’ve always known that I was never really punk at all, though I guess to the uninitiated, it might appear to have been so.

Anyway, being there among so many young people, Sukie pointed out that these kids were actually about our age. Their brows were not furled from too much stress or responsibility, and it seemed as many of them might never have known what it’s like to pay a bill or the joys of self-sufficiency.

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