Long Awaited Friday

So if you’ve had to be around me at all this week you’ll probably have seen a different Wudan – depressive, cranky, moody …

Oh wait, I’m like that a lot. But I guess I don’t think I do, or something. It rarely bubbles up to the surface, I think. I push all those upset feelings down deep in to a vault that has a label on the door that says “Open In Case of _____” so I’m never sure when the denizens of the vault of upsettness will claw their way through my innards and show themselves to the my waking worlds.

Thank goodness I’m going on vacation next week. The 10-day forecast was looking like rain, EVERY DAY. So in my mind I was thinking, I’m going to the happiest place on Earth and it will rain EVERY DAY.

I like rain, but not EVERY DAY. Well, I checked yesterday and the first Saturday is SUNSHINE.

And so I have at least one thing to be happy about.

In fact, I’m goddamned ecstatic.


So I’m glad it’s Friday. HUZZAH!

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3 Responses to Long Awaited Friday

  1. Meryl says:

    Yay for vacation! relax this weekend, and get ready for some flying, which might be a little stressful. But enjoy disney world with your family and friends!! šŸ™‚

  2. Sarah says:

    LOL 100% Positivity!!!

  3. Wudan says:

    Well the sunshine prediction didn’t last. Scattered thunderstorms EVERY DAY.

    But at least I’ll be out there in the world, enjoying life.

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