Some Sunny Day

So tonight I bought a new jacket at Old Navy. Old Navy was, about 10 years ago, where I would have bought everything. It is affordable, though not as high of quality as GAP, and I like affordable. The styles are upbeat, though too much of their stock says their name on it, which is fine, to a degree, but about 10 years ago you could tell that EVERYONE shopped at Old Navy. 10 years have passed and I think everyone would rather not advertise that they shop at GAP’s younger bargain brother.

I used to really like the styles, then I bought stuff at Target, and now I feel orphaned by Target as their style isn’t meeting mind like it used to. Where do people buy their clothes these days? I think I prefer GAP jeans over Old Navy, the last pair of GAP jeans I had literally fell to pieces but still was much more comfortable than any of my Old Navy jeans – but I’m not about to shell out for GAP jeans when I need jeans. Last pair I got was on sale and I think it was still more expensive than Old Navy jeans.

The blog title comes from the Lynyrd Skynyrd song ‘Simple Man’ that makes me think of the advice my mother has given me over the years. I think that I have strived for achievable goals in my life, I try to be fair in my dealings with my fellow man; at the same time I embrace the fact that this is not always possible.

There’s a way of dealing with things in life, economics and politics, that is certainly more correct than how it is being done by the two ruling political parties in America – a simple and straight-forwardness that maybe has never been practiced but perhaps we should step back from the age of confrontation and find a simpler way forward. Basically, like Ozzie Osborn said in Crazy Train: The media sells it and you live the role. How many of your opinions did you gain through careful thought and meditation upon the subject?

I’m not perfect, I get caught up; I rant, I get angry. That’s why it’s called ‘Crazy Train’, damnit: it’s out of control and it feels like there’s no way to steer the damn thing.

Maybe some sunny day we’ll find the way ahead that doesn’t rely on manipulation of the facts.

Maybe we’ll have a damn rad country again.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and remember, you are a wonderful person. Til next time!

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2 Responses to Some Sunny Day

  1. MJ says:

    Chaelomen gets his jeans from Kohl’s. The best thing about them is if you don’t like them for whatever reason, you can totally return them.

  2. Jason says:

    I don’t know if large scale cooperation is really a part of human nature.

    I get my jeans at a different place every time. Some pairs I’ve liked better than others, but I’m not really big into brand loyalty.

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