The Weekend I

So I am going to try to start a fairly regular update weekly about how the weekend goes. I’ll list my favorite moments and things that went down, but without resorting to getting too in to the writing about it, unless I feel like it.

This weekend:
– Got really sleepy
– Helped Shinobi get a bedframe. Learned the importance of having a crescent wrench handy.
– Sugarhouse area has awesome old homes
– Old homes door handles defeat tech-types (me, in specific)
– Exhaustion probably looks like inebriation, sorry friends.
– GRILL’D: Couldn’t find pre-mixed grilling powder. Mixed up abt 3 tbs in a desert dish and spread on burgers with teaspoon, not all of them evenly done, but pretty pleased with grilling, entire grill was abt same temperature thanks to combo of lump hardwood and competition briquettes. You know, if those are briquettes … where’s the briques … I should be grilling with briques.
– After grilling, took a shower but was still exhausted. Entire cadre of friends present (at the house, not in the shower), but wife cracked the whip and told me to take a power nap. I woke up as the last group was leaving.
– I received Super Street Fighter IV as a Father’s Day present. Aww. Since Marvel vs. Capcom 3 isn’t out for a long time, I’ve been jonesing for some classic SF action. Of course, it didn’t take me long to remember that I’m not good at these games – Akuma vs. Ryu will go down as one of the most difficult battles I’ve faced in a long time.
– SFIV ultra-combos are sweet. Akuma sends Ryu to hell.
– Over a decade after it’s release, I’m still pushing to finish Final Fantasy Tactics. I am researching power-leveling techniques, specifically to build up stats on my characters. I should probably just try to beat the game …
– Me: (watching Hell’s Kitchen) “It’s like I’m always saying, haste makes waste!” Boy: “I’ve never heard you say that.”
– The boy built a large platform affixed to his Lego base, reminds me of a deck, which means I like it.
– GRILL’D: Boneless ribs – to perfection, built a ‘hot alley’ in the coals for potatoes, and put them down there, did not rotate at all, and they were magnificent, put asparagus over that region, finished strong. In the hot half of the grill I did some fat ribs and they turned out great.
– TV: Wipeout is back. Hell’s yes, but nothing too funny last night.

Well, that’s what I can think of for now.

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2 Responses to The Weekend I

  1. Shinobi says:

    those burgers were totally awesome! As was the help getting the bed!

  2. Sarah says:

    That’s a pretty sweet recap. I look forward to next weekend’s recap, although it won’t contain any moab rafting awesomness.

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