Ok so it’s been a while since I actually wrote an entry.  Well, a few things have happened.  Last Thursday I took Lucas to the aquarium at the Gateway, with his daycare.  The daycare had me watch 4 boys, Lucas being one of them.  It really wasn’t that bad, and I think I was pretty good at it.  I didn’t really get to enjoy watching the fish – I think I could have set up a lawn chair in front of the Moon Jellyfish – they were fascinating, and in a cool looking tank that was designed to show them off (otherwise you might not even see them – they are transparent enough!


They had a shark tank, also, filled with rad sharks, like Leopard Sharks, and something like 7 other species, that didn’t have spots.


Anyway, then the kids ran around in the Dancing Waters at the Gateway (which, I’ve just found out, was done by the same company that did the water display at the Bellagio in Vegas.  Fascinating.)  I didn’t think Lucas would be down for it, but he was down for it, allright – he was a water fiend!


I think that he’s really having a good time being in daycare, it really makes me less worried about how he’ll fare in school, socially.  I’m not really worried about how he does in school, work-wise, it’ll probably be a while before he actually learns something new.


Anyway, enough of that – in other things I’m just about ready to go back to school, and I couldn’t be more ready – I’m tired of being at home, sitting on my ass.  I thought that I’d get some programming done, but I haven’t gotten anything done at all.  Oh well.


Hey, that reminds me, part of the reason I didn’t get anything done was because I had a very strong urge to re-play Ultima 7, Ultima 7 Part 2, and finally play Ultima 9.  (Ultima 8 sucked ass.)


I finished Ultima 7 and Serpent Isle (which is Ultima 7 part 2, for those of you keeping score at home.)  I started to play Ultima 9.  I tried hard.  I was getting in to the storyline, it seemed to progress fast enough, and having an entire world to explore was really cool.  It really is too bad – the damn thing keeps crashing on me, so I’m not sure I can even play it šŸ™


I guess now I can see why EA closed Origin’s doors (a puppet company runs the UO aspect.)

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