The Hi-C isn’t all right. I almost drank the whole cup I poured myself before noticing the rancid aftertaste.

Oh well, I probably won’t die.

Sukie and I saw Farenheit 911 the other day. I’ve been a fan of Michael Moore since his FOX show, TV Nation. Of course, this was back when FOX had balls. Oh well. So, for such a big fan, what else have I seen of his?

* cricket’s chirping *

Ok, so, in retrospect, I’m not such a huge fan — but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him. I have liked what I have seen.

Anyway, Farenheit 911 was an extrememly moving movie – I almost cried at least two times and silently muttered ‘Those Fuckers’ to myself at least a dozen times. I don’t think I’ve really been moved THAT much in a movie in a long time – especially on someone else’s behest, that is, the emotions I was feeling was a reaction – something even more than empathy.

With a movie about war, it would have been easy to shock the audience in to submission with graphic images of war – but I think that Michael Moore is perhaps a bit more skilled than this – while there are graphic images, there are by far many more shocking statements in the movie.

I can hardly beleive the shocking assertions at the end of the film, as he draws his documentary to a close – so much so that I don’t think it’s hardly fair to assert them here.

Most of all, what he wants us to feel isn’t really clear – it’s clear he doesn’t like the way the Bush administration has been doing things, and it’s clear that he’d rather have done things differently – it’s not clear what he wants us to do next.

To many, they’d feel outraged to the point that they would vote for the Democratic party – Michael Moore never tells us to do this – he never even mentions it. Many things about his documentary don’t focus on the things that matter right now – the things that he focuses on are the larger things – the motivating factors behind the wrongdoings – are the things we will focus on in 20 to 50 years. He doesn’t apply labels to groups – he applies labels to actions, and only actions.

The film, overall, is a reminder of how duped we’ve been as a nation. Ultimately, being reminded of this upset me, but I was uplifted that somebody finally said something about the wrong happenings in this nation.

Good job, Michael Moore. Good job 🙂

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