I had an amazing weekend! I am now 33 years old. My birthday was last Saturday, so on Friday night Amy surprised me with a trip to Wendover. What I didn’t count on was that she surprised me by also having my regular poker buddies show up and play in a tournament with me! The tournament itself was actually pretty tough. I went all in with a pocket pair and lost to a guy with a pocket pair … that turned out to be 4 of a kind. The statistics of this hand coming up are almost completely negligible, but I clearly lost to a great hand and I could live with that. Then I played a $10-limit cash game and I did well. We drove home that night and were very tired / sleepy for Saturday, which was rough because Pepper was having asthma complications. She’s on the mend, though.

On Saturday night I went out to Red Iguana with family. I would never in a million years want to attempt to eat there on a weekend night, but somehow we only ended up waiting 35 minutes to be seated! Inconceivable! I also got a sweet waffle maker from David and Sarah (and Isaac too!)

On Sunday I broke in the waffle maker, and at night I made 2 of the best ribeyes I’ve ever grilled.

[This was sitting in my drafts folder so I thought I’d finally publish it. – don’t worry, I’ve been 33 since last June.]

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