I guess I’m one of the last people to write about what’s gone on over the last few days.

It’s been a rollercoaster – someone died, someone got injured, and somebody lived.

Sadly, that last sentence plays down the tragedy of it all.

I was in a pissy mood at work when I heard, I snapped very rudely at a few people and I finally told my boss I had to leave for the day. We went to Antigone’s parent’s house (I really don’t know what nicknames they might have) and were met by some people who weren’t from the Ward (well, they asked us if we were from the Ward, so I assume they weren’t) and delivered some very beautiful flowers and offered our condolences. We were informed that Antigone’s family were all at Primary Children’s hospital, with Kristianne, who was also in the accident.

We were shocked, as this was news to us.

Well, we had to go – I was, and still am, pretty shocked by all this. We stayed for as long as we could, and then came back later.

Well, I had planned to go over the rest, especially how I hope the very best for Kristianne, but I’m getting down going through it again.

I feel like my mind keeps getting ground up in a blender and handed back to me. I just can’t imagine that there’s not much else I can do to help. We’re going back to visit Kristianne tomorrow to see what else we can do for her.

Antigone’s family has been supremely nice to Sukie and I, especially her parents, and my heart goes out to the entire family, elsepcially Kristianne.

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