My abs are furious.

In the week in a half that I’ve been trying to work on them I’ve tripled my krunch output. Two nights ago I doubled it to 150, last night I did 225. Of course, it was on one of those huge balls, so my back doesn’t hurt (which is something that’s always happened when I do krunches.)

Anyway, my abs are feeling much more solid and the flabby buffer that they’ve been under for the last 4 or 5 years is wearing down. Pants are feeling looser. I’m feeling good.

I’ve decided that I will focus on my abs until they are exactly where I want them to be. Then I’ll focus on my chest and arms, and side and back muscles, focussing on each until they are exactly where I want them before moving on to the next.

I’m going paintballing next Sunday, and I’m freaking ecstatic. I really want to get some upgrades for my gun to complete it’s transmogrification. I enjoyed making what changes I have made, the process was a lot like tuning up code – every time I make it better, I like it more. It’s more fun to shoot, run and dodge.

We’re going out to a wooded area that some guy owns and it’s apparently really awesome. They don’t have a chronograph though, which can cause issues for me, since the balls are flying so fast.

Of course, since I’ll be the only one playing with Air (and not CO2) my output will be extremely consistent, and I’ll be able to outshoot any of the guys out there. Since I’ll get my own paintballs before going, I think my strategy might be based on VOLUME.

Sigh. Not that you care.

Anyway, this morning traffic was bad, so I took the exit past where I normally get off to go to work. When I passed it, I heard on the radio that the traffic light down there was out, and so I guess I just had a good instinct and followed it. Since I took a backroad in, I saw horses … and a train … and a boxy looking semi parked out in the middle of a field. How odd.

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