Michael Moore was in Utah today. I have to beleive he has some sense of self-preservation and has since fled. Well, his speech wasn’t all that informative, it was mostly about his right to speak and it was basically a pow wow. Somewhere in there, he encouraged people to vote and hopes that Utah will vote democratic in next months election.

Well, it was a political rally, to say the least. Neither Bush nor Kerry will stop here for campaigning – Utah isn’t a swing state, we’re going straight to Bush. Someday, that’ll change, but I don’t think it’ll change RIGHT NOW. The younger generations here are also ignorant, for the most part, but I’d say that Utah will go Democratic within 2 decades.

Anyway, it did make me feel reassured that at least some people out there (outside of Utah) won’t be voting for Bush. This man is complete garbage.

No, I don’t think the solution will be to replace him with another rich white man who could care less about any of my interests, but I certainly don’t want 4 more years of ridicule on the international level.

The Bush machine is republican politics at its absolute finest. Think about it – we goddamn impeached Clinton for having sex and lying about it, but a Republican controlled Congress doesn’t bat an eye at Bush for lying LEFT AND RIGHT, and dodging the issues we care about.

They beleive that America is at it’s most easily manipulated state: we’re fat, lazy, and don’t want to take the time to educate ourselves. Our media has failled us; our system has failled us; our President has failled us.

I don’t think it will matter if I vote this November: but goddamnit if the Republicans take Utah it shall not be without a fight!

Did I mention that Michael Moore came to Utah today?

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