For the first time in God-only-knows-how-long I have completed a test and scored 100%. For the second week straight I received 100% on my homework assignment – and it was all in Accounting. It’s not even beginning accounting, which I think I got a C in, it’s in Managerial Accounting, and I’m going to work hard and squeak a B out of it.

I know what you’re saying, I’m married to an accounts-payable rep, and I must have picked some things up off of her – but she didn’t help me study or give me pointers. So, yeah, I was pretty proud of it.

We went to breakfast/lunch at the Blue Plate Diner located on the East Side of the valley. It was good I guess.

Even more important is the new gloves that Sukie got me for Christmas. I knew she was getting them for me and begged her to give them to me before my head esploded. I now have to get her and Lucas some stocking suffers so that we’re all even. Good thing I get paid tomorrow.

Oh yeah, at the Blue Plate Diner we saw Marci Stars, which is basically large, silver stars, like the ones Marci had in her room. These ones were about the same size, but more silvery, in my estimation.

Ooh, a high school friend is getting married at the end of this month, and it’ll be good to see all the people I used to hang out with. At the beginning of this year, another old high school buddy got married and I acted all weird because I guess I had unresolved issues. Well, issues has resolved since and I’m ok with me. Of course there’s things I would change about me, but you don’t always get those luxuries in life.

The Yuletide season is upon us and I couldn’t be happier – I’ve got an awesome family and the semester is almost over! Huzzah!

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