Sukie and I BBQ’d in the snow last night. We moved fast and were able to fire off one round of hamburger patties before the coals cooled too much. They didn’t get to ash form because they cooled too quick to burn through all the way, so I’ve got a BBQ grill with half burnt coals and some cheese on the grill.

Still, it was nice to show mother nature who’s the boss. Truth be told, I wasn’t really up for the idea. About a week ago my arm started feeling funky, and it cleared up in two days, but these little damn blisters showed up on my arm the same time it felt better. Grrr. So, my arm was funky, and, as is the tradition of my people, we prefer to remain immobile if we are experiencing discomfort.

It’s almost all better though, it just hurts to move because of where the irritated skin is located. Annoying mess, that bit. Near as I can tell I was bit by something or had a reaction to some poison. Blech.

So, yeah. I was thinking that the drive home tonight should be taken especially slow, it is snowy and windy out 🙁

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