Ok, no links yet. But I promise that I’ll get them up there.

I feel really ‘pumped’ today. I went to work out at the rec, and walked like 1.5 miles and did 36 incline press lifts at 75 lbs. What I’m most proud of though, is that my Dragon program is in Open Beta.

I uploaded it to the ‘net thing here and BLAMMO people started a’ downloading it. Ok, not tons of people have downloaded it, but it’s going out to people who want to use it, nonetheless. It’s actually pretty crappy, considering that I started working on it TWO YEARS AGO, but pretty cool, when you think that I didn’t know jack about programming in C++ two years ago. Also, it’s cool that I go to gamedev.net and can answer questions about stuff. I’m not as smart as some of the blokes there, but considering that I’m an amateur in every sense of the word, I figure my knowledge of computer graphics theory is still fairly impressive, nonetheless.

Man though, I feel good about going to the gym and working out. I feel energized 🙂 I want to get my stamina up and then put a few attribute points in Dexterity so I can equip a bow.

Oh wait, this isn’t Diablo 2.

When I work out it’s like I can feel myself getting skinnier. It really changes my whole perception of self. I’ll probably never be as fit as Antigone though.

Anyway, I just found out that we don’t get Holiday pay for New Years or Christmas, but instead get *ass* Floating Holidays. These are basically paid days off that will expire at the end of January. 🙁

Oh well, more time with Sukie!

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