I have to blog about something. Today, I ended my 7 game losing streak in WarCraft III. I am very proud of how clever my victory was.

It was on this map here. I was in the upper left and my opponent was at the top. From the get-go I built up my Archmage and some Fighters and set out to gain XP by attacking the groups of ‘independent’ enemies scattered throughout the map. When I did encounter my opponent it was because I noticed he was really close to my base – we were right next to each other!

Anyway, long story short, we were taking shots at each other when I checked his base he has seriously beefed up defenses, so I thought up a plan that I swear would make Sun-Tzu proud. I took my Dwarven Mortar Teams (4 of em) and set about cutting a path through to his base … so I could enter behind his defenses and wreak some very unpleasant havok.

I cut a path wide enough for my entire army to go through, and when the last trees fell, his ghouls paused for a second, not sure if they should keep gathering wood or attack. They charged in to my troops, I think they were trying to get at my heroes, but I made short work of his minions, completely avoiding his defenses and devastating his base.

Man, I am proud of that victory. He had a second base going up but I mopped it up pretty fast. I am glad that I won, and hopefully I will be able to keep up the winnings.

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