My WarCraft III Profile – it stinks real bad.

Anyway, what’s up y’all? Today my iBook bit the dust. There’s a chance that it’ll come back if I take it to a Mac service center – a lot of iBook G3’s have the same problem where the motherboard dies – so many customers had this problem on their iBooks that Apple is replacing these parts out of their own pockets – sucks that it died and nearly swallowed up my little graphics engine, it’ll be cool if they can do something about it.

It’s been nice having a laptop, but I would rather still fix up my home PC than buy a new laptop. Sukie seems really upset, I know she’s worried that I am pissed, but mostly, I’m just going to be bored at work, bored out of my silly little mind.

There’s schoolwork I can/will do, but that doesn’t take too long and I’m almost done with my Associates anyway – I don’t even know yet if I will go to school next semester.

Catch y’all later!

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