So, it’s been an interesting couple of days – I locked myself out of my house the other day, walked to my mother-in-law’s because I couldn’t reach anybody, and then had the fun task of figuring out how I was going to get home in time to pick up Jabba from school.

I guess I’m not much for walking places anymore. My legs were dying when I got to my mother-in-law’s house.

It wasn’t until the ordeal was almost over that I realized who I could call to help me out – Antigone! Antigone and her mom came and picked me up. Sukie says I’m a huge dork – making somebody drive 5 miles because I don’t want to walk one mile. When she puts it like that, I feel like a grade A moron.

Problem after problem after problem, I didn’t get angry or fuss too much – it was ok, and I knew it would turn out ok. I swear I’m just preparing to get stranded on an island, because I always get stranded somewhere and have an ‘adventure’.

In light of recent events I got myself a pair of walking/running shoes. I was picky about it, because I don’t like the ‘ooooh over the top’ look of most athletic shoes, or the ‘hey, I’m really white!’ look of other athletic shoes. I finally found some good old-school style adidas, black with the classic three white stripes. They’ve got that rubber skid thing in front though, which I’m not too fond of, but oh well.

I need to get some shoes for going to the gym anyway.

theorb77 and Antigone have gotten new jobs. Antigone might apply at my workplace. She’s already more knowledgeable that 3/4ths of the people here, and more logical than probably anybody. I think she might run in to problems with how this place is run, because it’s so darn illogical!

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