One of my best moments of 2005 was making my mom chuckle when she wasn’t having a good day. She was over at my house, I forget why, and she was upset, and in my co-lamentation, I said, “when they gonna let our people be?” The irony of course, is that I said it as though we were the members of a persecuted race, and she had to chuckle.

To paraphrase Lord Buddha, “To desire is to suffer,” and I’m sure if you ain’t suffering, then you’re enlightened, in some form or another. When will they let our people be? I wager, the grass will be greener on the other side until such a time comes that we can’t see the other side. Even still, I try to fathom that some technology will come forth to appease all of mankind’s desires, but such a thing is impossible to invent, isn’t it?

Economics teaches us that you can’t be better off without making someone else worse off , and that trying to be better off isn’t really a selfish act, though it can be.

Anyway, on the subject of suffering, sources confirmed earlier the allegations that theorb77 has a new job, which means, you know, he’ll get a spot in the Smithsonian next to Harriet Tubman and her underground railroad, either that, or next to Fonzie’s jacket. Ask theorb77, he can show the scars of the shackles.

I asserted to Sukie my desire to build a computer so fast it will ‘blow clothes off of women’, in my late-night pseudo grammar. My own computer is a tempestuous beast that refuses to behave like the other computers. I used to think it was such a fast little beastie, and now it has slowed down and can be occasionally heard to moan in a most disconcerting manner.

There was a time I held my computer in high esteem – this was before it became, like me, a dented, bent, slow hunk of dumb mass.

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