Hey look kids you need to change your tune
That avenue you traveling unraveling soon
You’ll be battling doom but does it matter to you
Worried bout who was laughing at you
Your appearance is more important that whats really real

I spared you from the full lyrics, but I think this blurb from a song called ‘The World’s Gone Mad’, by an obscure group called, ‘The Handsome Boy Modelling School’. I think I’m on a quest to find obscure music, listening to the radio up on iTunes. Hey, it’s good stuff half the time.

I guess that I’ve learned to find good stuff everywhere I look. I found a guy named Akon through iTunes radio, and he was singing a ballad about losing his girl, something that every good R&B artist needs to do at least once to be any good. It’s like how every painter has to do a landscape just to show everybody what’s up.

Another song I’ve been digging that actually is mainstream is Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”, it’s just good. It’s funny how she’s the end result of a TV show that most recording artists seemed to scoff at, yet she’s more talented than just about anybody out there, she’s even better than the other people to come out of American Idol, in my oppinion. In mainstream music, your revenue is directly proportional to your marketting budget though – and I don’t think she gets the strong pimping that Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.

Man, if the title for last week’s episode was ‘Tsunami’, this week’s episode is gonna be called, ‘Worse Could Happen’.

I can feel the clouds parting though, folks. It’s Thursday. Tomorrow night we’ll convene at Annie Mouse Lee’s house and watch some Lost episodes, I hope you’ll forgive me if we watch the Pilot episodes, I would like Annie Mouse Lee to have a good shot at enjoying the show.

I can’t beleive I’m so fanatical about a TV show. I guess this is like how theorb77 feels about Angel, or Antigone about 24 (but I like 24 quite a bit, it’s just an investment to watch a TV show like that.) But damn, I love Lost. I’m all up in there.

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