25 Years of Wudan

Wow, I can’t beleive it’s been 25 years. This year I was all gearred up to not get gearred up, and just let the Birthday slide on through, with little to no fanfare.

So, completely off guard, Sukie and Jabba got me an iPod, several days before my birthday. Then, the day before my birthday, Dax gives me a really damn cool present – Season 2 of TMNT – fricking awesome 🙂 From about then on in, it was looking pretty good.

The next morning is all about people wishing me a happy birthday. Sukie, Jabba – even calls from Theorb77 and Meryl. You guys are the best.

Then last night, when I got home from work I found this.


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2 Responses to 25 Years of Wudan

  1. sukie80 says:

    Yeh, I’m pretty damn-awesome. 😀

  2. anniemouse lee says:

    sheesh I didnt even get a mention. sniff sniff

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