Don’ Crosh Mah Bridge!

He started the day with a mood and a shake.
He was finally arranged.
And someone said with a cold, hard chest, “You’re a mess!”

There, the lyric spew wasn’t too bad.

I have finally realized that the online world we inhabit, is only a mirror of the real world. The real world has also been infested with trolls. Naysayers – People who are against the grande ideals of Truth, Love, and Beauty.

It has become known to myself that there is a Troll among us.

Troll, you take my precious things, and you spit upon them. You anger me at the very depths of my soul. You are a beast, not fit to be among proper folk, so the great justices of this world has banished you to the outer reaches of our territories.

Foul beast, there will be a reckoning. Let us hope that you hold your tongue more closely, lest my temper be unleashed. Your works are of nothing – an abomination is he that choses you.

You heard me. You should know now, that I hear you. Now do a better job of avoiding me, and be damned sure I don’t hear you talking shit about me and mine.

I’m all rage, baby.

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