School is dragging. I spent a lot more time just hanging out and goofing off this weekend than I should have.

Sukie, theorb77, AntigoneHG, Kristi, Daxero Absolut and I all finished up a round of SpyCraft on Saturday evening. It was fun, it got really hectic at points, right about when it became apparent we were all on separate missions. The three CIA operatives, Sukie, Kristi, and AntigoneHG let me know (by accident … or by Kristi) what their objective was, and, luckily enough, mine played quite well in line with theirs. It turns out that if I had kept going the way I had been (and had I not been concerned with the gun pointed at Sukie’s head) that my skills and intuition could have completed all the objectives ahead of schedule.

It turns out, Dax really did have an objective, but he wasn’t being very task oriented. I guess that’s ok, he was playing a character who likes to order vodka but not drink it.

I, on the other hand, play a character who is somewhere between James Bond and MacGuyver (sp) – a real slick, witty, SOB.

theorb77 was the GM – and he did a fabulous job at it.

Oh, and should I mention the GTA:VC jumping contest held earlier between Dax, theorb77 and myself? I beleive I was the top jumper, jumping an inferno a whopping 2 flips and 647 degrees of rotation! We also invented a ‘Hot Potatoe’ elimination style game – the first one to jump picks a car and we all jump it off of the legendary parking garage until it blows up – the person who jumped it when it blew up is eliminated, and the remaining people take turns jumping a new car until it blows up. We had determined that the best car to jump is the inferno (while a motorbike can take several jumps), and the worst car (ie, blows up on the first jump) is the Sentinel. I actually jumped a sentinel and it did not blow up, but it blew up on the next jump. It is a cursed vehicle 🙁

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