Best Christmas Ever?

If you know my wife you know that she has never given me a bad gift, and I think most people would be surprised at the consideration she puts in to this process.

This may seem trivial, but this strong point of hers is in sharp contrast to my own failure as a thoughtful giver.

Oh boy am I screwed this year.

One thing I do enjoy for the holdiays is collaboration, and the things that draw family together. As odd as it may sound, I’d like to get some of my kin together (and maybe some non-kin?) to play some board games, drink cocoa, and listen to holiday music, sometime in the coming weeks, a good couple of hours or so of good solid together time – maybe even make it a holiday tradition?

I’m closer to some of my family than I am others, but I think that’s more of a matter of circumstance. Big Brother and Meryl have moved away (though Meryl not too far away, twas good to see her earlier this week, though we didn’t talk much.) I have fond, solid memories of time spent with each of my siblings, maybe even moreso than either of my parents.

So let’s call it some good solid sib’ time, and maybe make a second date for solid ‘fam’ time. Hmmmm?

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  1. Meryl says:

    W00t! lets go for it!!

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