Absolutely Wudan’s Mood

I guess I should blog about stuff. Thanksgiving came and went without much issue. There was no game-playing, but I was pretty crabby on Thanksgiving anyway.

I had a mole removed. A big one. You don’t realize how big these things are until a doctor removes them and shows them to you before sending them to a lab for examination. I’m also on anti-allergy meds, too, which has removed some of the puffiness from my eyes and makes it so that I can breathe easier. As a side effect, I seem to be losing weight.

I got a Mr Coffee. Well, Sukie and I did. Jabba’s joke is to ask if he can have some.

In programming, I’ve been toying with putting together a network library and a sound library together with my favority graphics framework and propping up an engine. Theorb77’s turn based table-top game has renewed my interest in making a turn-based strategy game, and I think I could make it a party-game (that is, a game played with people sitting around.)

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