What geek are you?

Was there any doubt?

Ah, the weekend passed, uneventful. Amy and I went out on Friday, to dinner and a movie. She ‘wisked’ me away, as she called it at the time. Really, we’re both stressed out and unmotivated. We did actually clean up the living room, which was becoming quite a junky mess.

I even did some of those dishes, which were becoming quite the nuissance to the olefactory senses – well … if my poor nose wasn’t already feeling beat up by the constant bombardment of mother nature’s pollens.

Tell me this – if industrial pollution is so bad, how come mother nature is the one who’s making my nose feel like there’s a claustrophobic wolverine inside of it?

Beleive you me, that mofo wants out, and he lets me know every damn morning.

Well, aside from the fact that I’m unmotivated, I can certainly see reason to be – this week is the midterm. Let’s ponder this – I go to a school that is on an accelerated schedule – I get 5 or 6 semesters a year … which means that I’ll experience 3x the number of midterms that normal students get … sound fun?

I saw the whole list of degrees offered by my institution, I must say it’s a rather short list. Of these, I have nearly completed my AS in Business Administration.

Since I do plan on getting my Masters in some field or another, I’ve decided I better shop around for a new institution, since I heard somewheres that most Masters programs prefer you to have gotten your Associates and your Bachelors degrees from 2 separate institutions.

Plus, I had decided to Minor in Computer Programming, often called Computer Information Systems. Since my field of choice is Video Games, this goal seems a bit misplaced – most colleges do not teach you to make games, and the ones that do probably wouldn’t give you the education you’d want to continue onwards to a Masters program.

So, what will I be? I’m actually thinking about Engineering, since video game programming and my math skills seem more related to Engineering than any other academic field. Oh well 🙂

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