Oh. Crap.

Well my work computer decided to die, and while I was in the process of seeing how bad it was I plugged an Ubuntu Live CD to assess the damage to the hard-drive. The primary partition was b0rked, which, well, borked the OS. Ubuntu hated to mount it, and basically took an extended break when I tried to browse it, and at the end of said break, decided to take it’s own life.

Well, I had intended to format the drive and plug Ubuntu on there. Ubuntu, who hated to try to read the drive, hated trying to understand the partition even more. Instead of trying to be friendly and say it couldn’t understand it, it decided to take the route of sitting there like a big, dumb, blank, blue screen. Blue screens on Linux? Yes, you heard right. Not a dump that tells me that my OS is poorly written, but a ‘I’m sitting here’ blue screen that tells me my OS is half written.

I wanted Linux, damnit.

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  1. Wudan says:

    Well hey, the hard-drive won again, and I got a new hard-drive for the box. Goodbye!

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