Fridge Day

Saturday, July the 22nd shall be known as Fridge day. The day was not spent packing, as was previously assumed to be the case, but it was spent instead on the dubious task of delivering a fridge unto ourselves.

As is my tradition, I had a hard time keeping my cool in the face of laboring in a fashion unbecoming a true geek, and although I looked forward to messin wit mah Fridge (whose mighty frostiness is the root of civilzation), I had engaged myself in the occupation of fridge delivery/exorcism.

We shall honour Fridge deliverers, for theirs is an apparently difficult task. When the sun was down, my Fridge was not in the Fridge nook (which, despite all measurements saying so, we were not certain would fit in to said nook), but it was in the Garage, which is where a Fridge deliverer would have planted said device.

However, forces unseen worked their magicks, and I found myself, at night, in my Garage, working on the first of many epic Garage ventures – fixin to put said Fridge (which I shall now dub “Juan Frosty”) in to the desination: nook. The doors were finally removed and I strapped up Juan Frosty on the dolly and rolled him up to the doors, had a !@#^%^@%$ time getting him up the steps, screamed like a woman in the pains of labour, and eventually the deed rounded the corner, fully in view of the finish line.

We scooted it in to place, I couldn’t figure out how to hook up Juan’s Ice Maker, so we just plugged it in and backed it in to place (after putting the doors back on.)

Juan’s Frosty demeanor was restored to service, and there was rejoicing.

Of course, my head smelled kind of like Chicken noodle soup, which apparently is what happens when you spend the entire day sweating like a frosty soda pop.

And now for the exciting gratitude portion of this our daily blog:

I’d like to thank my parents for their help (my dad for his suggestions and insight, and my mom for running the Van to Dax, and for the food and beverage runs (yes, plural)), my brother TheOrb77, who stuck with me and didn’t back down from the challenge, and for advising me in personal matters, my brother Dax, who did his best to help out, and for Sukie, who, in spite of her small stature, is 100% pure badass.

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  1. anniemouse lee says:

    was also”Uncle Ikes wife’ Ronda’s birthday! 😉

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