Ok, so maybe I wanted to be startin’ somethin’. I guess I succeeded.

My last post was entirely inflamatory, and was met with a very predictable reaction.

I know the points I raised are ‘moo’ points, and they really didn’t tackle the problem at hand.

What I really meant to say was that when theorb77 said, “being a smart guy my entertainment needs are different than the 100 IQ crowd,” and this made me feel upset because it insinuated that people who didn’t like Angel were not as intelligent and a complex show about a vampire doing good things for other people obviously went over their heads.

Why don’t we backtrack and say something about this, shall we?

A television show, aired on public television has one responsibility to it’s network – it has to attract advertisers.

If I’m a network executive (talk about playing the devil’s advocate!), I need to know who is watching my show so I can sell advertising space (aka commercials.) Enter demographics.

Ok, so I’m still a network executive – I can plainly see what demographics cop shows and family drama appeal to – but in this case I’m a WB executive, and I need to figure out how the hell I’m going to convince potential customers that they can sell their products to Angel’s viewers.

There-in lies the problem – it isn’t that they (I’m me again, referring to the WB) don’t know their viewers – it’s that it either doesn’t appeal to a narrow band of viewers or that it’s viewers are too spread across one o’ them charts that the marketting types use to figure out where their viewers are.

This info is handy to have – it makes selling advertising EASY. It’s not that a show like Angel couldn’t be sold – it’s that it’s hard to do so.

So, on the topic of smart people loving angel – that can’t really be proven, though I’m sure there are smart people do love Angel, I’d wager there are people who just plain like vampires, and a show about one who does good stuff must sound like 4th of July Fireworks and an ice-cream sundae to these kinds of people.

Regarding politics, and the defensive, you can say what you want about SUkie’s blog but I think she has perfectly valid points, and so I’ve done my part to encourage her to keep reading and finding info.

News, has become her Angel, of sorts, and so she reads about EVERYTHING, even stuff they don’t cover on the 5 oclock news. In recent times, her interest has pointed at India, which is in political turmoil right now. This is important because the two industries that I work in, a Call-Center and Computer Programming, are being so adversely affected (job-availability wise) by this tiny intelligent-people packed country. By the way, they DO have WMDs. (pssst – so do we!) It’s offensive to say she doesn’t know jack-shit about it, not defensive. She’s entitled to say Bush is a Dumbass – it’s her prerogative, and he really has made some very questionable moves, whether you like him or not.

On an almost unrelated point: I really like theorb77 and antigonehg. I really fricking do. I don’t like that they’re so far away and I even told theorb77 that if he didn’t come down to SLC for his birthday I’d go up there to visit him.

We done here?

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