The Problem Force

When I was in high school I had to put together a collection of 10 poems.  Since I thought I rather enjoyed poetry at the time and had an appreciation for the depth that comes with its native obscurity, I put together a collection of poems that were each unique and good to read.

In the process I came across a book of poems by Bob Dylan, and read through several, eventually coming to this line near the end of one of his poems:

“your problem is you want a better word for world”

This single line has resonated through my life like a bell that woke me from several things.  Sometimes in the drudgery of life I recall this line, because of its depth and relevance.  I should note that I don’t particularly like Bob Dylan, but there must be something about his approach that seeks the depths of human conscience.  It certainly struck a chord with me.

What does this line mean to you?

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