Celebration of Love

Photo removed, it was really getting on my nerves.
Yes, I spent some time with my photoshop.

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3 Responses to Celebration of Love

  1. Carolyn says:

    D + S = 4eva

  2. Wudan says:

    I had a really lame version all done, showed it to Sukie, who liked a few things I did but had some really good suggestions on improvements.

    I did the color maiming/correction, I like it warmer, and I cut my wife out of the picture (she’d be on the right). I liked the blurry stuff I did before this version, but kept it clean n’ blurry in this version, since the shape of the un-blurred section is enough; I didn’t want to mess up the focus of the image.

    I take my picture mockings very seriously!

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