Well, ok, a lot of stuff has happened since my last post, and I didn’t even think to blog about it … imagine that?

Well, I wrote a paper proposing a method of compensating software developers for beating deadlines and exceeding expectations, I actually had a few software developers read over it, and it sounded pretty good, they all said it was good. I wish I knew some project managers who watch over devs, so I could have them take a spin at it.

Really, it was a lot of smoke and mirrors – I wrote it in two days time, I am familiar with the subject and I already knew what sources to cite. I think it really wasn’t good, and I got a B on it. I got B’s on a lotta my stuff, actually, and a B in the class over-all.

I really didn’t go to class, I learned that I didn’t like the instructor much, which is going to be a problem, because he teaches a lot of classes. I’ll just finish my associates and be on to something else, soon enough.

I am on the Dean’s List this semester – I got 3.5’s or above for two consecutive terms – yipee! They sent me the whole list – about 12 people or so, and I’m one of them! I really liked it, though I don’t think I’ll make the cut this term – Accounting I is really rough stuff, though I understand it, I’m not putting in the work to REAAAAALLY understand it.

Well, programming-wise, I’ve picked up my Jedi Academy mod again and started whittling away, hacking at bits of code like some kind of daemon.

Well, I would. I just don’t think I can work in my current space. I’m planning drastic changes… and I need a bookshelf, too!

Well, stay tuned!

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